How to Stay Safe While Renting an Airbnb

Traveling is difficult right now, but if you have to go somewhere and rent a place from Airbnb, here’s how to make sure you’re safe in it.

Don’t Check In Early

Give the owners enough time to finish cleaning the place after the previous renter get out. If you can, choose a place that isn’t occupied the day before you get there. You can check this while browsing on Airbnb.

Limit Contact

Choose a place where you can check in and out without contact with the owner. This is the case in most of the places anyway, but make sure to ask if it will be like that in your rental.

Bring Equipment

When you first get to the rental, it’s wise to wear a face mask and gloves. Take a disinfectant with you so that you can clean all the surfaces you’re going to touch. Wash your hands often.

Stay Alone

If you don’t have to, don’t stay with another person who’s not from your household. Only consider staying with someone if they’re a close friend and you’re sure they’re responsible and healthy. If you already live with someone, you can normally stay together in an Airbnb, but if you’re going on a business trip, for example, it’s best to have separate places.