How To Survive A Flight With A Baby?

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Traveling with a baby can be stressful both for the parents and for the passengers. By following these tips, you can prevent your fellow passengers from eye rolling and yourself from having a major meltdown.

Nurse your baby to sleep

The best way to make your baby sleep throughout the flight is to nurse it. Nursing and sucking at takeoff and landing will also help with the change of pressure, so it won’t upset your baby even more.

Moby Wrap

Carrying a Moby Wrap could be a better and easier solution than having the big, old, heavy baby stroller with you.  You can pack your Baby Argo into your carry on, while the stroller has to go to the airplane luggage, where it can get damaged.

Bring a nursing pillow

Before you travel, you should consider buying a travel-sized nursing pillow. It will definitely make your flight easier. Except using it for breastfeeding, you can leave your baby sleeping on it, so it won’t be uncomfortable for you or your infant.

Bring extra baby clothes with you

Babies can have so many accidents during the flight. So you should bring some extra changing clothes. Use a zip lock bag to avoid smelly and stinky clothes. However, parents should pack some extra clothes for them as well.