How to Use a Travel Journal

Travel journal
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

A travel journal is a notebook in which you can plan trips, document your experiences, and store photos and mementos from your trip. A great way to help organize your thoughts regarding a trip, get you excited before you go, help you remember what you did, and offer opportunities for reflection on what you’re experiencing, travel journals are incredibly useful and it’s highly recommended to get one if you travel often. If you do have or plan to get a travel journal, here are some tips for how to use it.

Use it How You Want To

The most important thing to know about keeping a travel journal is that it’s meant to be useful for you, not anybody else. So don’t worry about trying to make your travel journal look perfect to the outside world or following some kind of instructions or pattern. Ultimately, it’s for you and only you.


When you gather photos, ticket stubs, postage stamps, postcards, food labels, and maps throughout your travels, gluing them into your travel journal scrapbook-style is a great way to store memories.


Travel journals are a great place to plan upcoming trips by creating packing lists, itineraries, lists of places you want to visit, checklists, addresses, contact information, and so on.

Reflect During and After

Keeping your travel journal with you on your journeys to jot down thoughts and impressions, doodle things you saw, and write down initial thoughts is wonderful! Plus, you can always go back later and reflect with more perspective on the experience you had.