How to Visit the World’s Wealthiest Country Without Breaking the Bank

Photo by Cedric Letsch on Unsplash

We all know that travel has become super expensive. While it is a smart idea to visit places with a lower cost of living and currency that is weaker than your own, sometimes you want to indulge in a little luxury… Luxembourg is considered to be the wealthiest country in the world with a GDP per capita of $141,590, but there are still affordable ways to enjoy the Western European nation. 


Transport can eat up a large chunk of your budget, especially when wanting to explore an entire country. Luckily, public transportation in Luxembourg is free. Yes, we said free. Buses, trains, and trams have been free of charge since 2020, so hop on!


As a member of UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Luxembourg City was twice named as the European Capital of Culture. Take a stroll through the Old Town to admire its historic fortifications. There are dozens of museums to explore, many of which allow free entry at least one day a week, and visitors can also make use of free walking trails. 


We are not suggesting that you stay in one of Luxembourg’s picturesque castles, but you’ll be surprised at just how far your money can go when it comes to accommodation. Luxury hotels are cheaper here than in London or Paris, but a basic hotel room can be reserved for a reasonable $100 a night.