“Hush” Trips Are One of the Leading 2023 Travel Trends, But What Are They About?

Working abroad
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Remote working experienced a huge boom in the past few years and led to the emergence of several travel trends in this sphere. “Hush” trips are one of those trends and they’ll be all the rage in 2023, but how do they work, and should you give them a try?

“Hush” trips made it to Forbes’ list of travel trends for 2023, together with responsible travel, luxury travel, and domestic traffic, among others. As digital nomadism and remote work became commonplace, this publication claims that some workers won’t even feel the need to inform their employees that they’re not working from their home country.

“For some individuals, full-on digital nomadism is too extreme. That’s precisely why “hush” trips have the potential to be the newest travel trend in 2023. Remote workers pack up and head somewhere new for a limited amount of time… without ever telling their employer,” writes Forbes.

“Hush” trips are basically a form of work-ation that doesn’t involve any communication with your place of employment. Instead of asking their bosses to hit the road and facing the risk of getting “no” for an answer, some remote workers are packing their bags without anyone’s approval.

As long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and you’re not spending the company dime, your boss probably won’t mind that you’re not working from home, but think twice before embarking on a “hush” trip if you have to go to the office from time to time.