Indian Street Food You Have to Try

Indian Street Food
Photo by Joyanto Joy on Unsplash

India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area and is home to almost 1.5 billion people. Such a vast population over an incredibly large geographical space is bound to come with a wide variety of cultural cuisines and street food not found anywhere else in the world. Indian cuisine is also known for being highly flavorful thanks to all of the spices produced in the country. While we do recommend being careful when it comes to eating anything raw (the country’s water system is different than the US and fresh produced has been known to make some tourists sick) you can’t go wrong with these cooked and fried street food dishes:

Vada Pav

Who wouldn’t love a sandwich of flavorful fried potatoes on bread? Vada Pav consists of a patty of aloo flavored with garlic and chili peppers, deep fried and served on a bun with several types of chutney.


Dosas are thin pancakes made from fermented lentils and rice, often served plain or with cheese and vegetables. They’re a delicious and satisfying option if you’re looking for something that’ll keep you full for a while.

Jalebi with Rabri

Jalebi is actually a west Asian dessert of sweetened fried dough that did not originate in India, but North Indians have given it their own twist by serving it topped with rabri, a type of sweetened condensed milk made with cardamom and saffron.