Intriguing Places to Visit During Your Next Trip to Taiwan

Taiwan. Photo by Sam Chang on Unsplash

While it may be a fairly small island nation, Taiwan offers plenty for tourists in the form of culture, food, nature, and an intriguing history. If this warm, friendly atmosphere filled with tradition sounds like somewhere that you’d like to visit, then here are some of the most intriguing places to see during your next trip to Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

Home to over 700,000 exquisite pieces of Buddhist culture, the National Palace Museum will give you an insight into the 8,000-year history of Taiwan. Exhibits range from ceramics to metalworks, sculptures, and jade artifacts.

Banka Lungshan Temple

For history and culture buffs, the Banka Lungshan Temple should be the first hotspot on your itinerary. This holy temple is a place where locals come to pray to the Guanshiyin Budda and other deities. Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucian practitioners all congregate here.

Dadaocheng Area

The oldest district of the capital city of Taipei, Dadaocheng Area is a port city that is certainly worth visiting. You be able to peruse a wide array of stores selling herbs, coffee, tailor-made clothing, and, of course, souvenirs.