Items That Will Improve Your Travel Experience in 2022

Do you remember your life before you started using a travel pillow or a proper roller suitcase? These items have probably become so essential for your travels that you can’t even imagine doing without them. Well, that’s how you’ll feel about the following travel items meant to make your life as a traveler better. Check them out.

The Airfly Pro

Airplane headphones are terrible quality and hurt your ears, but many of us no longer own headphones with wires that we can connect to the plane media center. That’s where the Airfly Pro comes in, able to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the headphone jack on your seat’s entertainment system. It’s a new must-have.

A Proper Reusable Face Mask

With COVID-19, traveling often involves wearing face masks for hours at a time, which means the uncomfortable, paper-thin ones no longer cut it. Get yourself a good travel mask made of comfortable material, with room for you to breathe and adjustable straps. You’ll be happy you did.

A Phone Mount

If your flight doesn’t include in-flight entertainment, or you’d just rather watch the movie you downloaded to your phone rather than any of the ones your airline offers, a tray table phone mount can make it much more convenient to watch things on your phone hands-free during your flight.