Japanese Trains that Bring a Smile to our Face

Train in Tohoku, Japan
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

If you ask us, train travel is underrated. Except in Japan, that is. The East Asian country has realized how smooth, comfortable, and quick tour journey can be by taking the train. Japan takes great pride in its railway system, going so far as to decorate the exterior of the trains in some of the country’s most famous characters. 

Pokémon with You

We have Japan to thank for giving us Pokèmon. Run by the East Japan Railway Company, the train is as yellow as Pikachu and features his little face. The Pokémon with You train was created to make the people of Tohoku smile, following the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the region in 2011.

Hello Kitty

Most girls had at least something from Hello Kitty while growing up. The sweet cat was first created in 1974, and the brand is now worth $89 billion. Even though Hello Kitty’s backstory involves her living in London, the Japanese proudly claim the character and have put her on their Shinkansen bullet train.


Imagine basing an entire series on sweet Japanese filled rolls. Anpanman was inspired by the traditional treats and has been around since 1973. What began as a picture book is now an anime series which has featured 1,768 characters over the years.