Kaurilan Sauna: Traditional Finnish Sauna you should visit

Image via rantakukka/Instagram

Recently, mainstream health and wellness fans have been regularly visiting the sauna. Saunas are usually associated with high-end gyms or spas but in Finland and much of Scandinavia saunas are regularly part of families’ homes. Throughout the country, saunas have been integrated into the regular routine of Finnish people for over two centuries. Finland also has public saunas which are an amazing way to live like the locals and spend a few hours experiencing all of the health benefits.

Many of the public saunas throughout Finland are beautiful architecturally and have traditional elements. Located in Helsinki, Kaurilan Sauna is a perfect example of a public sauna that stays within the traditional sauna practice.

Kaurilan was built in the 19th century and includes traditional wooden heated saunas. The sauna room time slots are available for booking for both private events, couples or for individuals. The sauna is a perfect place to recenter as it provides detoxing and weight loss benefits, perfect for allowing a decadent vacation. If you plan to travel across Finland there are countless additional beautiful saunas to explore both in Helsinki and around the rest of the country.