Lake Baikal – The Star Of Siberia

Photo by Ekaterina Sazonova on Unsplash

Covering a large portion of Europe and especially Asia, Russia offers any traveler thousands of unique places to visit. One of the greatest natural wonders of this magnificent country is Lake Baikal. Located deep into remote Siberia, this stunning lake is definitely a must for every adventurous traveler.  

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Baikal is famous for being the largest freshwater lake in the whole world but it’s also the deepest which are just a few among the many reasons to pay this place a visit.  

First, the landscapes are unbelievable. The shores surrounding the lake are home to one of the deepest forests in Russia, full of unique flora and fauna, making them the true naturalist’s dream.  

The closest city to the lake is the city of Irkutsk but the most popular place to visit on the shore of Baikal is the village of Listvyanka which is a favorite amongst tourists. Here you can find accommodation in several hotels and resorts in the village.  

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Besides the breathtaking nature, this place is famous for its unique cultural mix. The locals are a mix between the Russian and Mongolian cultures, creating a unique local culture. If you are a foodie you will find the traditional cuisine of this region largely fascinating. It largely consists of fish, most famous being the endemic omul which is a distant relative of the salmon.