Huasteca Potosina is Mexico’s Most Stunning Natural Secret

Image by marmendoza from Pixabay

Mexico is known for its tropical temperatures, lush greenery, and picturesque beaches. In addition, millions of tourists flock to Chicheniza each year to admire the ancient Mayan structures. Many of these visitors are completely unaware of the beauty that the alluring region of San Luis Potosí has to offer.

Located in the San Luis Potosí region, Huasteca Potosina is filled with natural wonders. It boasts multiple waterfalls, swimming holes, and mysterious caves. The water contains high calcium content thanks to the surrounding rocks and the rivers and falls thus glow a vibrant shade of aqua.

Highlights include Xilitla and Tamul, which are accessible via public buses. From rafting to diving, there are all sorts of activities available to visitors. If you just want to walk around and soak in Mexico’s natural beauty, your trip will be equally memorable.

The best time to visit the falls is during the dry season, which tends to fall during our winter months. During this time, the water is the most beautiful.