Lake Wanaka Tree: One of New Zealand’s Most Photographed Spots

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

The lone tree of Lake Wanaka became one of New Zealand’s most photographed spots, despite its secluded location, and it’s one of those natural wonders you have to see to believe.

Located at the south end of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand’s best hidden secret is almost impossible to spot if you don’t know where to look. That didn’t stop countless tourists from doing their research, and seeing this natural landmark in person.

This crack willow is made out of brittle wood that easily breaks, so it’s really a miracle that it still stand in the middle of Lake Wanaka, resisting hard blows of life and standing as a symbol of endurance and fortitude.

If you ever find yourself among those lucky enough to visit this attraction, make sure to be mindful of its natural habitat. Lake Wanaka Tree is extremely fragile and it regenerates very slowly, so climbing is strictly forbidden.