Top Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss in Santiago, Chile

Image by Horst Engelmann from Pixabay

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is safely tucked away within the Andes Mountains, and its beautiful cityscape is shaped by several hills surrounding it. Glittering high-rise buildings dominate its skyline, but this city is also a home to many architectural and natural wonders.

Plaza de Armas

This urban square is historical center of Santiago and the place where its heart beats the loudest. It will win you over with many historical buildings and statues, and lush palm trees.

Santa Lucia Hill

In addition to offering breathtaking views of the city, Santa Lucia Hill is a home to picturesque park and many impressive structures, including Fuente Neptuno and Castillo Hidalgo.

La Moneda

The presidential Palace, known as La Moneda, stands proud in Santiago’s center, and you can roam its grounds for free.

Metropolitan Park

This beautiful park is one of Santiago’s must-see natural wonders. It comes with a zoo, botanical gardens, a religious sanctuary – and, most importantly, cable cars taking visitors to the very top of San Cristobal Hill with amazing city views.