The Pearl Of Africa

Image by Mark Jordahl from Pixabay

According to many experienced world travelers, Uganda is one of the most exclusive African destinations. It is therefore not surprising that Winston Churchill, amazed by its natural beauty, dubbed it the “pearl of Africa.” 

Although Uganda is one of the poorest African countries, traveling to this country is considered a high exclusivity, primarily because of its uniqueness.

It is extremely rich in natural wonders and the flora and the fauna are simply surreal, but above all, Uganda is the home of the famous and seriously endangered mountain gorillas that inhabit the Bvinda rainforest. 

Since the government of this country doesn’t want to entice mass tourism and thus endanger their UNESCO-protected natural parks and numerous wild animals, the price of this trip can be high and therefore the number of tourists is limited.

But, if you feel responsible enough, and you can afford it, traveling to Uganda is an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss!