Learn to Travel for Less with Rachel Travels!

Rachel Travels is one of the most well-known travel influencers in the world right now. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites due to the wealth of beautiful shots and budget tips that she provides.


This travel genius has retired from her job in “Corporate America” in order to travel the world, sharing her tips and good finds with all of her followers. Her decision came on the heels of a realization that the mental health problems caused by her 9-5 job were making her unhappy, and she decided to just go out and explore!


One of my favorite things about Rachel Travels is that she simply showcases places that are cheap to travel in. Instead of going to expensive, tourist-laden cities like Paris and Dubai, she travels to cheaper, off-the-beaten path destinations.


She usually links to blog posts about her travels to different destinations in the caption of her post, and you can read even more about her tips and tricks for traveling well and on a budget to wherever she goes.


Check out Rachel’s Instagram account, and find your own budget travel inspiration today!