Let’s Go to the Theatre!

Photo by kennedycenter/Instagram

Erected by president JFK the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts was a symbol and monument of Kennedy’s dedication to supporting the arts and culture of the US. The Kennedy Center is in the heart of DC with a terrace view overlooking a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline and the Potomac River.  




All arts mediums are hosted at the center including but not limited to dance, music, theatre, children’s programs and comedy. The center is also the host of seasonal performances by the National Symphony Orchestra. There are many educational and family appropriate events throughout the year at the center as well.


The theatre also features various artists sculptural work, exhibitions, and historical artifacts from past performances and JFK’s presidency. Walking distance from many museums and historical monuments this building should not be missed, even if you aren’t attending a performance.


The grand architecture and red carpets are worth a visit alone. But if you plan enough ahead of time enjoy their exciting annual program. 2018 is filled with acts like Ballet Nacional de Cuba (Don Quixote), Patton Oswalt, Hamilton and so much more!