Must Visit Shops in the US for Coffee Lovers

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

If you simply cannot do without your Cuppa Joe, find out where the best coffee cities in America are. These destinations boast a coffee shop on every corner, and we’ve identified a coffee shop in each one for your enjoyment.

Portland, Main – Coffee By Design

Portland is well known as a destination for foodies, so it’s no surprise that the city also boasts a slew of fabulous coffee shops. Not least of all is Coffee By Design, where they brew a variety of different coffees from various sources, such as single-origin coffees and exotic ones. It’s also a micro-roastery.

Seattle, Washington – Convoy Coffee

Although Seattle was home to the first Starbucks, it’s also got loads of other local coffee shops sprinkled around the city. One of our favorites is Convoy Coffee, which boasts a wide selection of single-origin coffees that are making choices which one to have very difficult.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Joe Coffee

A family shop with stores throughout Philadelphia and New York, Joe Coffee offers both single-origin and blends that are roasted in-house.

Austin, Texas – Caffe Medici

With new coffee shops appearing all over the place, Caffe Medici is Austin’s original specialty coffee shop.