Looking To Travel More and Spend Less? Check Out These 3 Budget-Friendly Countries

Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo by Silver Ringvee on Unsplash

If you’re looking to travel more and spend less this year, look no further. We are big proponents of budget friendly travel and we’ve got you covered with a short list of budget friendly places to visit. Keep reading for some of our favorites.


This rustic gem in North Africa is famous for its beautiful nature, history, architecture and culinary scene. In this country, there is no shortage of budget friendly things to do and places to stay. Transportation is also budget friendly, and you can stay in a beautiful riad, a Moroccan house, for the same price as a hostel. This is the perfect place to sip mint tea in the Atlas mountains, go on a hike, and eat your weight in couscous.


Vietnam is a beautiful and touristy destination that can be fully explored without breaking the bank. Explore some of the countries many beautiful landscapes such Ha Long Bay , enjoy street food, and enjoy the country’s rich history without breaking the bank.


While many parts of Greece are on the more expensive side, there are several Greek Islands that are more budget friendly such as Rhodes and Paros. On these islands, you can enjoy wonderful Greek beaches, the lively nightlife, and eat Greek salads, all without spending as much as you would in the more touristy hotspots. Rhodes and Paros are the hidden gems of Greece, and offer rich history, a vibrant culinary scene, a crystal blue beaches.