Make Sure to Visit These Cool Bars While in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image via 3monosbar/Instagram

Picking out where to spend your night in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is quite hard. The city has so many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that choosing just one seems like an impossible task. To help you narrow down the list of options, we decided to highlight some of the coolest bars in the city that will guarantee you a fun experience.

Tres Monos

Tres Monos is one of those bars that both locals and tourists like to visit. It will charm you with its neon lights, alternative vibe, and friendly atmosphere. The drink menu is top-notch, offering affordable beers and a long list of exciting cocktails.

Strange Brewing

If you are looking for a classic pub feel, then Strange Brewing will be right up your alley. The place offers an impressive selection of craft beers on tap and delicious finger food that will soak up the booze. The trendy design and great atmosphere will make you not want to leave until the last call.

Verne Club

Verne Club borrows its name from writer Jules Verne and tries to recreate the atmosphere from his wanderlust books. The interior mimics the feel of 19th-century hotel lobbies, and the soothing jazz music helps to set the overall vibe. The bar is best known for its original cocktails, with each drink borrowing its name from one of Verne’s stories.