The Best Place for Live Music in Nashville

Nashville, TN, USA
Nashville, TN, USA Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

We’d like to think that almost every tourist that visits Nashville does so because they’re a lover of music. There’s a reason that this Tennessee town is called “Music City”, and it’s not just because it hosts an array of country rock museums, as well the iconic Grand Ole Opry. There’s a lot to unpack in Nashville when it comes to music, which is why you’d better make sure you do this if you go there.

While the historic music museums and the Grand Ole Opry are a huge part of Nashville’s appeal, the heart of Nashville lives on Broadway Street. In the city center, there’s a span of a few blocks that are packed with bar after bar—and we’re not kidding you when we say that there’s always live music playing there.

Even in cities as popping as New York City or Los Angeles, live shows happen pretty often, but it’s nothing close to what you see in Nashville. The rich density of performers—and not just singer-songwriters, but all-out country rock bands—is such that you can easily see up to 10 different bands play in the span of two hours in the middle of a weeknight!

So if you’re in Nashville for a few days, you’d better make sure you spend at least one night on Broadway Street. Walk around, enjoy the lights, grab a drink and something to eat—and most importantly, check out the live music!