Marrakesh: the Most Vibrant City in Morocco

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Marrakesh, a truly international city that blends old and new and tradition with the contemporary. The city has been a much-visited destination throughout history due to the fact that the culture is vibrant, the food is tasty, and the textiles are truly second to none. Here are a few placed for you to visit, and dine, if you are going to this incredible city.

The souk

Le Jardin Majorelle

Gorgeous, vibrant botanical garden previously owned by the late French designer, Yves Saint Laurent.

Cafe Clock


Cafe Clock is a popular cafe in the Kasbah. The cafe hosts special community events including musical events and meditation. It’s famous for its camel burger, so we definitely recommend taking a bite.

Le Jardin

Enjoy traditional Moroccan tea or a coffee at this all-green oasis. You can also recharge with a club sandwich or a date smoothie before making your way back to the souk.