Money Saving Travel Hacks You Should Avoid During the Pandemic

Photo by Atoms on Unsplash

COVID-19 completely changed the way we approach travel, and some of the money hacks we used to rely on before are no longer that effective. If you’re trying to travel on a budget right now, think twice before using these money-saving hacks.

Hostel Stays

Staying at the hostel is the oldest money-saving trick in the book, but they’re usually more crowded than any other type of accommodation. If you’re looking for a safer alternative, consider booking a private apartment or at least a private room.

Free Tours

Free walking tours are a great way to explore a new place and meet fellow travelers, but they can be too overcrowded. The number of participants is usually limited these days, and you have to wear a mask and social distance, but exploring the city alone or joining a smaller group is also an option.

Transportation Options

The way you approach transportation shouldn’t be dictated by the price, but by safety. If ride-sharing, public transportation, or buying cheap plane tickets doesn’t feel like the right option right now, pitch in a bit more money for safer alternatives.