Monster Building Will Make You See Hong Kong in a New Light

Photo by Salty Justice on Unsplash

Stacked residential complexes are not a rarity in Hong Kong since it happens to be one of the most densely populated places in the world. One of the very best examples is the apartment complex known as Monster Building, which perfectly captures the spirit of this city.

Built during Hong Kong’s population boom of the 1960s, this building is now home to over 10,000 people who reside in approximately 2,000 apartments. It’s actually composed of five different structures, connected together as a part of a larger E-shaped complex.

Its nickname seems pretty organic when you take the nature of this building into the consideration, but the Monster Building isn’t its official name. It’s originally known as Yick Cheong Building, and you’ll easily find it while roaming the streets of the Quarry Bay district.

Over the years, this building became pretty popular with tourists and photographers thanks to its colorful, symmetrical exterior. Its unique design even served as inspiration for such Hollywood hits as Transformers and Ghost in the Shell.

Despite its enormous popularity, it’s important to stay respectful because this is a residential building, and the locals even had to post signs that forbid taking photos without their permission after receiving too much-unwanted attention.