Most Stunning Waterfalls to Discover in Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas Bay Village, Trinidad and Tobago.
Maracas Bay Village, Trinidad and Tobago. Photo by Thruston Benny on Unsplash

Most people visiting Trinidad and Tobago are there for its beautiful beaches, but you can enjoy this country without heading to the ocean. Tiny natural wonders can be found in every corner of this Caribbean country, and its waterfalls are among the very best.

Argyle Falls

If you only have enough time to visit a single waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago, Argyle should make the cut. This charming waterfall with a three-level drop featuring a series of pools will win you over with its stunning surroundings in the middle of the jungle.

Paria Waterfall

Beautiful bays are scattered all around Trinidad and Tobago, and Paria Bay is one of the very best. If you’re planning to visit it, make some to take a walk to a nearby Paria Waterfall and bask in its refreshing pool and serine natural surroundings before heading back to the beach.

Avocat Waterfall

Avocat Waterfall is also known as Gran Fond Falls, which translates as “the river that comes from the sky”. This waterfall lives up to its nickname thanks to its dramatic drop of falling water pouring down the dramatic pool at its bottom, surrounded by bronze rocks and lush vegetation.