Must-See Attractions in Seoul, South Korea for BTS Fans

BTS in 2020
BTS in 2020. Photo by Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock (10563400al)

Seoul, South Korea, offers a lot of fascinating attractions that should entice you to visit this gem of East Asia. However, the experience becomes much more special if you’re a BTS fan because the city offers a unique opportunity to explore attractions and locations dedicated to one of the world’s most popular music acts. Check out the must-see attractions in Seoul for BTS fans.

Yoojung Sikdang

You can’t go exploring on an empty belly, so the best place to start is Yoojung Sikdang restaurant. The establishment is famous for being the go-to place for BTS before they were famous as it was near their dance studio. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Korean dishes, but we recommend grilled black pork belly, which was reportedly one of the favorite menu items for the band members.

The Min’s

After getting a filling meal, head to The Min’s. Owned by K-pop star Changmin, the café was frequently visited by BTS members, who enjoyed some cherryade and lemonade and has their photos and autographs plastered all around.

BTS Pop-Up Stores

If you want to get your hands on some BTS merch or just browse, then visit one of the band’s pop-up stores in Seoul. BTS frequently surprises its fans by opening pop-up stores that offer collectibles, limited edition items and albums. The most recent is the BTS POP-UP: Map Of The Soul store located in Utama Shopping Centre, which provides an immersive experience on three floors.

Lotte World Star Avenue

At the Lotte World Star Avenue you’ll find the handprints of all BTS members forever etched in metal. The place also offers plenty of other content devoted to K-pop’s biggest stars like photos, memorabilia, and holograms.