Cameroon Will Win You Over With Its Amazing National Parks

Bansoa, Cameroon
Bansoa, Cameroon. Photo by Edouard TAMBA on Unsplash

Cameroon is one of the most beautiful countries in central Africa, and its natural beauty is a reason enough to visit it. This country is home to countless national parks and nature reserves, and here are three that you should check out first.

Waza National Park

Located close to the border with Nigeria and Chad, Waza is one of Cameroon’s most scenic national parks. It’s one of the national parks known for hosting the big five wildlife species—lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos—but it’s also hailed for its diverse avifauna, with over 300 species of birds on its grounds.

Korup National Park

Located in the heart of one of Africa’s oldest and richest tropical forests, Korup is probably Cameroon’s most peaceful and accessible national park. It’s the top spot to visit if you want to learn more about rainforest ecosystems or go on a birdwatching adventure.

Lobéké National Park

Lobéké borders both the Central African Republic and the Republic of the Congo, and it’s one of many natural wonders of the Congo Basin. This semi-evergreen forest is best known for its rich flora, but you can also spot African forest elephants and western lowland gorillas while exploring it.