Top 3 Spots That Nature Lovers Shouldn’t Miss in Daegu, South Korea

Daegu, South Korea
Daegu, South Korea. Photo by yujeong Huh on Unsplash

Most people visit Seoul and Busan while in South Korea and call it a day, but this country has many more amazing cities in store. Daegu is one of them, and it’s worth a visit for its natural beauty alone, especially if you put these three spots on your travel itinerary.

Daegu Arboretum

Flower lovers visiting South Korea shouldn’t miss Daegu Arboretum for the world. You’ll find thousands of species of plants on its premises, including trees, flowers, and medicinal herbs. Make sure to take your time while exploring it because the flower sculptures you’ll find here are truly a sight to behold.

Apsan Park

This charming wilderness park covers several valleys and peaks of Apsan Mountain, safely tucked away south of Daegu. From cable car rides and hiking trails to Buddhist temples and an observatory, this park has something in store for everyone and it’s one of the most popular day-trip destinations to visit from Daegu.


Palgongsan offers a similar kind of experience as Apsan Park, and it’s the perfect place for adventure seekers. It also has many lush hiking trails and cable car rides in store, but you won’t be disappointed by it if you’re in the mood to explore historic temples and shrines.