Must-Try Foods for Travelers in Finland

Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn on Unsplash

When we think of top culinary destinations in the world, Finland isn’t exactly the first country to come to mind, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without its fair share of epicurean gems. While fish and meat typically serve as staples, Finnish cuisine as a whole includes a wide variety of ingredients that speak to the local tradition and landscape. If you’re a foodie with plans to visit Finland in the works, read on to learn more about some must-try Finnish dishes. 

Squeaky Cheese

Known locally as “leipäjuusto,” squeaky cheese is a fresh cheese with a mild flavor and a distinctive, slightly rubbery texture. It’s traditionally served in pizza-shaped slices with cloudberry jam, some cinnamon sugar, or even in a cup of hot coffee, though some restaurants use it as an alternative to feta in salads as well. 


Finland’s position in the Baltic Sea means that seafood is a mainstay in its cuisine, one of the most popular dishes being a savory fish pie called kalakukko. While variations of kalakukko exist throughout the country, they all consist of some type of local fish baked inside a loaf of rye bread. If you’re feeling brave, enjoy it with a tall glass of buttermilk for a traditional Finnish experience.


No food tour would be complete without a little dessert, and when it comes to Finnish treats, you can’t go wrong with korvapuusti. Literally translated as “slapped ears,” the Finnish take on cinnamon rolls features a cardamom-infused dough and a sprinkle of pearl sugar for added sweetness. Finns love korvapuusti so much that October 4th is celebrated annually as Korvapussti Day.