Nature Needs To Be a Priority When You Travel

Portofino, Italy
Portofino, Italy. Photo by Kristine Tanne on Unsplash

There are many reasons that people like to travel the world, and we’re the last ones to go ahead and tell you how you do it. Heck, go knock yourself out and do you. But if you’re in the mood to hear our two cents, we do believe that there’s a lot of merit to what we’re saying. So here it is: when you travel to a country that’s known for its art and history—don’t forget about visiting nature too.

Don’t Get Distracted

When traveling to countries that are known for their beautiful nature, such as Peru or Bolivia, it makes sense that you’d go out of your way to embark on hikes and whatnot. But when it comes to particularly European countries such as Italy or France, with all of their museums, history, and culture—it can be very easy to get distracted.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with soaking up the history and art of a town—but take some town to explore the countryside of these places as well, because you’ll get to know things about them that you wouldn’t have otherwise. For instance, the Tuscany countryside is absolutely gorgeous, and you’d certainly benefit from its colorful and endless vistas. The same can be said for so many other amazing countries, so don’t sleep on it!