New Accessories From an Influencer-Favorite Luggage Company

If you follow any travel accounts on Instagram, you may be familiar with AWAY, a luggage company that all of the most popular travel influencers seem to have worked with at one point or another. While they’re more than likely being paid to promote the brand, we have to admit that AWAY does make great suitcases, and they now make travel accessories as well. Especially on long-haul flights, good travel accessories can really make all the difference, and we’ve found that this line totally lives up to the brand’s hype. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

The Neck Pillow

There’s nothing worse than falling asleep on a plane and waking up to a stiff neck, but fortunately you can prevent this with AWAY’s adjustable neck pillow. It has a foam core and is made with fabric designed to keep you cool.

F.A.R. Duffel Bags

F.A.R. stands for For All Routes, and this collection was designed with experienced travelers in mind. The duffles are great for throwing a few things in before a weekend getaway but also work perfectly as carry-ons for long flights.

Organizational Cubes

New collections mean new colors, and the F.A.R. collection includes some really fun ones. We love the way these neon shoe dividers help keep us organized when we’ve got a lot to fit into our suitcases.