Navigating the Wine Scene in Nantes

Image by 453169 from Pixabay

Imagine a city nestled at the base of the Loire River in Western France. The booming city of Nantes is home to the Dukes of Brittany, who lived in Château des Ducs de Bretagne.

Its Gothic architecture, natural botanical parks, and museums are places to add to your list. Nantes is also home to the largest vineyard in France, which boasts that its white wine is rich and godly. Keep these tips in mind for the ultimate wine experience.

Wine Trucks: Keep an eye out

This guy’s wine truck blew our mind. Imagine going around a corner and seeing a wine truck appearing. Yes this is actually real, we had to have a double-take to make sure this was a thing.

Book a Tour with a Local

Usually, the most exciting trips are the ones where you venture out on your own. But in Nantes, one of the best things to do is to join a group or ask a local to take you around the vineyards. Besides learning about the rich history, you’ll find the places locals visit.

Drink a Glass of Muscadet

Muscadet is a white wine found in the Loire Valley in Nantes. Its flavor is light-bodied and bone dry. Try pairing it with Fondue or Gruyere cheese for an otherworldly experience. You’re welcome.