New Mom Going on a Business Trip Abroad? Here Are Some Essential Tips

mom with child
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Leaving for a business trip abroad while being a new mom can be a blissful time off, but it can also give rise to difficulties. From feelings of guilt, missing your newborn, or just having to make logistical arrangements for when you’re away—challenges abound. Here are four practical tips to make your solo journey smoother for both you and your little one.

Pre-Travel Briefing to Your Home Support System

Make sure you have a dependable support system for your baby while you’re away. Whether it’s your partner, best friend, or parents, it’s key to clearly communicate schedules, routines, and emergency contacts. This will keep everyone calm and functioning. You can go as far as leaving detailed instructions for your support system, including soothing items that your baby likes, like a preferred blanket or toy.

Consistent Communication

Establish a consistent communication routine while you’re away. Regular updates through texts, calls, or video chats can help maintain your special connection with your baby from afar and provide reassurance to all parties involved.


You have plenty of work commitments, it’s true—but this doesn’t mean you need to neglect your self-care. Make sure you get enough rest, eat healthy, and have some fun. It’s all vital to maintain your well-being. Investing in self-care might sound selfish, but it allows you to fulfill your professional responsibilities while staying emotionally connected with your baby.