What To Pack For A Spring Vacation In The UK

Springtime in the UK
Springtime in the UK. Photo by Ammy Singh on Unsplash

The season of spring starts in late March in the UK, and goes on until late May. Often one of the best seasons weather-wise, it can still be a good idea to bring an umbrella or waterproof in case of those notorious April showers. Wherever you’re heading in the UK this spring, here are three key items to make sure you bring.


The combination of a low sun and brighter days can lead to dazzling light. Whilst this is a welcome relief after winter, it can be a good idea to pack a pair of sunglasses, especially if you’re light sensitive or heading somewhere near the sea, as the ocean can intensify sunlight. Even though the days may still be quite short, you don’t want to get caught out by the bright spring sun.


A light rainproof jacket is a good idea (or, if you’re heading to the Highlands of Scotland or somewhere equally adventurous, bring full waterproof gear!) Spring showers may not last for very long, but they can be intense. Sun filled skies can also lead to false expectations of warmth—it is likely to still be chill in the air, so make sure you bring some layers to wear under the waterproof.


Although the sun may not be out all the time, this is the time of year when UV rays are getting more intense in the UK. Combined with this, after a long winter away from the sun many of us are keen to get out and about and feel the rays on our skin. Whilst this is healthy, do make sure you pack a decent sunscreen and apply it daily, especially on your face and any other areas that may be exposed often to the sun. Although you may not burn at this time of year, UV damage is not something anyone wants to bring home with them from their trip away.