“No Man Allowed” Island in Finland

Image via supershesnaps/Instagram

Set to open in June 2018, there is a new vacation spot on the island off the coast of Finland that ladies will love to travel to. Yes! this is exclusive to women, so all ladies out there be ready for your all-girls trip to SuperShe Island.

This is like a paradise for any kinds of she to enjoy themselves. The SuperShe Island only centers on female relaxation and uplift oneself including learning how to cook, meditation, yoga exercises, health consciousness and women-only activities where you can loosen and de-stress yourself.

Kristina Roth was the one who founded the networking group SuperShe. She wanted women to consort and socialize with each other and decided to create a place without the existence of men which might bring a low atmosphere for females.

Here’s how you can book if you are up to going on a vacation with your girlfriends: Starting April 1, reservations will be open to the public. If you’re already a member of the SuperShe, your access will be put first.