Olympic National Park Should Be Your Next Adventure

Photo by Anurag Jain on Unsplash

If you’re traveling to the United States, don’t miss out on this national park. The US is famous for its plethora of wildlife parks and conversations. Their wildlife is incredibly preserved and the forests that inhabit it are dense and populous.

This park goes through many changing ecosystems, so witnessing an act of nature will always be a shifting experience. Olympic National Park is where you should visit when thinking about your next short nature trip.

Spot Rare Animals

When walking through the Olympic National Park, you’ll notice many diverse wild animals milling about in its long grass. You might even spy a marmot and its friends keeping a lookout on a stone’s edge.

Get Lost in the Wild

Get lost in a good way – you’ll eventually find many hidden trees with magical arches. The trees in Olympic National Park are very old and their forest rings with songs from the sounds of insects. You’ll feel like you stepped into Avatar, but a real-life version of it.

Visit Lake of the Angels

You’ll truly feel like an angel soaring into the sky when you peak a view at the Lake of the Angels. It’s worth the descent going down the mountain to eventually reach this clear pool of teals and pale blues.