Wanna Go To New York On Budget?

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

If going to the Big Apple is one of your bucket lists dreams, but you haven’t been able to fulfill it mostly because of financial reasons, we are here to give you some tips and tricks to make your dream come true.  

If you want to cut costs, first of all you need to avoid going to N.Y.C between Christmas and New Year. Rather, move your trip for few weeks later. The temperature might be even lower but so are the prices.  

Use the internet to find out about all of the free or discounted activities you can do in this massive city.  


Certain museums and art galleries are free of charge on Sundays, or a few hours before closing.  

Some other free options are a walk in the High Line Park, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and finishing your day at the Prospect Park, located in a forest in Brooklyn.  

During the winter months, you can enjoy three famous events: NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Broadway Week, and NYC Must-See Week. During this period, the price of everything drops down, from food, to clothes to accommodation. You can even get Broadway tickets for almost half the price!