On a Budget? How to Eat for Free While Traveling

5 ways to eat for free when traveling.
Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

There’s no doubt that traveling can get quite expensive because between booking flights, lodging, and activities, money goes quickly. But one thing you can save on if you’re willing to be a bit cheeky is food. There are actually tons of ways to eat for free while on vacation and some of them are so obvious you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of them sooner. Here are five ways to eat for free while traveling.

Attend Events

Between grand openings, gallery open houses, conventions, ice cream parlors, chocolate shops, farmers’ markets, and grocery stores, there are tons of places to get free samples. Be sure to look out for food “holidays” like National Donut Day and National Ice Cream Day which many establishments participate in with free food.

Book Hotels with Free Breakfast

Who doesn’t love free breakfast? It happens to be one of our favorite parts of traveling and it’s a great way to try local cuisine. You’ll save money with hotel breakfast, which you can use for lunch or dinner.

Look for Hotel Freebies

Some hotels go beyond just free breakfast and offer cookies, tea and biscuits, communal pantries, Champagne, hot chocolate, and minibars.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Are you celebrating an anniversary, retirement, or birthday? Well, be sure to mention it when you visit hotels and restaurants because many of them will give you a free dinner or dessert.

Eat at the Bar

Many hotel’s happy hours have free drinks with light bar snacks. Also, some bars offer free appetizers with drink purchases.