Brisbane’s Modern Architecture Will Take Your Breath Away

Amazing architecture in Brisbane
Photo by Jaiden Peters on Unsplash

High-rises and skyscrapers can be found all around Brisbane, but not all of its modern buildings are known for being sky-high. Some of the most impressive wonders of contemporary architecture in this city are defined by their artistry and innovation, including these three.

State Library of Queensland

Book lovers visiting Brisbane shouldn’t miss exploring this beautiful library inside and out. It’s best known for its intriguing design, floor-to-ceiling windows, and beautiful views overlooking Stanley Place and Brisbane River that you can enjoy while exploring its grounds.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Planetariums often leave us in awe with their amazing design, and Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium is no exception. Thanks to its white walls and unique dome-like shape, this building looks straight out of a sci-fi movie set on a different planet.

Queensland Art Gallery

Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct is filled with many amazing contemporary buildings, including Queensland Art Gallery. One of the best examples of brutalist architecture in the entire city, this gallery will impress you with its white concrete walls that stretch through its interior.