You Should Check Out Live Music On Your Travels

Live music
Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

There are many standard items on an average travel checklist. You know, things like historical landmarks, famous museums, must-taste local foods, and popular shopping spots. But there’s one slightly less standard item that can really turn your trip from good to awesome: music. Checking out the local music scene is not only a way to do something new and different, and it can also go as far as being a portal to new cultural dimensions. So, what are the options that you face when you feel like incorporating some music into your vacation?

Live Concerts

And we’re not talking about the super expensive ones taking place in huge arenas. If you just ask the receptionist where you’re staying, you’d be surprised to find how many local bars probably host live performances on different nights of the week! Try and check out at least one local band in every destination you visit.

Open Mic Nights

If you really want to immerse yourself in the local music scene, and even take a shot at performing yourselves, open mic nights are the way to go. The same asking-the-receptionist trick applies here as well.

Street Artists

Here is one that’s 100% free and can lead to musical encounters you never expected: just find street artists and actually stick around to listen to their whole set. Some street musicians are nothing short of amazing. But hey, if they’re any good, show some love by leaving some change in their guitar case, will you?