How Traveling Can Actually Make You Happier

Horseshoe Bend, Page, United States. Photo by Drif Riadh on Unsplash

We all know how difficult it was not to be able to travel as much during the COVID-19 pandemic. Did it get you feeling down or blue? The truth is that there might be an actual reason why. Science shows us that traveling can actually make a measurable difference in your levels of happiness. Here’s why.

Travel Makes You More Confident

One study done by showed that 65% of travelers reported that their first time traveling abroad boosted their confidence. There are a few reasons why that might be the case, like giving you opportunities to prove to yourself that you can handle being pushed out of your comfort zone.

Travel Allows You to Get to Know Yourself Better

When you travel, especially alone, you’re sure to learn quite a bit about yourself, including how you handle challenges, what your limits are, what you prefer, and so on. Taking this information home with you can really help you craft your life in such a way that makes you happier.

Traveling Makes You More Adaptable

Being able to easily roll with the punches of life is incredibly important to living a happier, lower-stress existence. And travel is a great way to help yourself learn to adapt better to challenges, unexpected situations, and novel, unknown variables.