One Australian Blogger is Traveling the World for €10 a Day

Lack of money is the most common excuse that people use for not traveling more, but that’s not stopping Imogen Blow from exploring the world. This Australian blogger is spending approximately €10 a day on her travels, and she explained how she’s pulling it off in a recent interview with The Sun.

Free Accommodation

Most travelers spend tons of money on accommodation, but Blow is getting it for free by finding hosts on Couchsurfing.

Cheap Travel

Aussie bloggers can travel for free on trains around Europe, since she’s sponsored by Eurail. She’s also no stranger to hitchhiking.

Vegan Diet

Blow is not spending a lot of money on food, since she usually makes her own meals – mostly pasta in bulk.

Alternative Interests

An avid traveler doesn’t need a fancy restaurants and expensive museums to enjoy her travels, and an amazing coastline view is just enough to make her happy.