One Wrong Bite And This Japanese Delicacy Will Kill You

Image via Imgur

In Japan there is a delicacy that can instantly kill you. Fugu or blowfish is a very poisonous fish that lives deep in the ocean. It may look cute when it blows up, however, never judge a book by its cover; one single bite could mean death for you. For those who still want to dance with death, there are some important things you should know before trying this food roulette.

First of all, not everyone can cook a dish made of fugu, only highly trained professionals and licensed chefs are allowed to prepare them. The skin, and all of the fish insides are poisonous, especially the ovaries.

The cook must clean the fish perfectly, otherwise it could kill its customer. Every fugu chef is obligated to have a two-year-long training and needs to practice on hundreds of fishes to pass the test.

The first sign of poisoning is the numbness of the lips, followed by paralysis and death by respiratory failure. Even an itsy-bitsy bite could be fatal, and there is no antidote.

This very expensive dish costs more than $100 per course and can be eaten as a fugu stew, grilled with teriyaki sauce or as a sashimi.