Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Africa

Image via Harshil Gudka on Unsplash

The African continent is a jewel that has to be explored more. If you ever decide to visit, these are a few things you should know as a first-time Africa traveler.

Think About Your Health

Even though you are not the type that easily gets sick, you should still be conscious with your health. Take all vaccines against infectious diseases that the doctor recommended.

Cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and yellow fever are the most common diseases you can get while on your African journey. Also, insect repellent is a must if you want to protect yourself from insects, especially mosquito. Laxative is another must-bring medicine. Due to dirty, unhygienic water you can easily catch a stomach bug.

Buy Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents could happen and you may end up in a hospital where the bills can get very high. Invest in a good insurance to ensure yourself that you will get all your money back. Keep all the recipes.

Bring Appropriate Clothing

You may think that the black continent is always hot and sunny. Well, the reality is different – it can get very cold in some places during the night. Also, some African countries are Muslim, so you should respect their traditions.

Watch Out For Hippos

Although they look cute and harmless, hippos are indeed very dangerous creatures; they are the biggest people-killers in Africa.