Patagonia’s Marble Caves Will Leave You Breathless

Image by Katrin Schulz from Pixabay

Nature is undoubtedly the most fascinating artist ever. We can see her magic all around us, but there are certain creations where just saying “oh, wow” doesn’t cut it.  

One of nature’s most admired works has to be the tourist attraction in Patagonia, Chile, known as the “marble caves.” 

This miracle happened as a result of glacier movements millions of years ago. Reflecting on the mirrored surfaces of the caves, the icy-blue water creates such a perfect image that it almost seems unreal. The intensity of colors varies depending on the water level which changes with the different seasons.

To enjoy all of the caves, make sure to take the boat ride that costs about $15 per person. The best time to visit is bright and early, when the water is still crystal clear. If the weather is windy on the day of your visit, make sure to bring an umbrella or rain gear, but still, nothing can ruin your experience, you are in heaven on Earth.

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