Personalize Your Luggage with Three Practical, Cute Items

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Personalized luggage is cute and practical at the same time. It allows you to stand out in the crowd and never struggle with spotting your suitcase on the baggage claim carousel. If you’re ready to give your old boring suitcase a makeover, here’s where you should start.

Luggage Tags

This is probably the most popular way to decorate your luggage, and it’s not difficult to see why. With so many adorable tags on the market, it’s practically impossible to resist them. They can also prove to be pretty useful if your suitcase ends up being lost along the way.

Travel Stickers

Every suitcase tells a story – especially if you decide to decorate it with stickers from all the places you’ve visited. This is a great way to keep a track of the amazing journeys you embarked on and keep them close to heart.

Luggage Straps

In addition to looking pretty cool, luggage straps can also do wonders when it comes to securing your suitcase. If your zipper ends up opening mid-flight, the strap will stop your precious belongings from spilling out.