Pinterest Predicts: These Travel Trends Will Shape 2021

2020 has completely changed the way we approach travel, and some of the trends that emerged this year will shape the way we travel for years to come. Many of the new forms of travel that emerged this year will be ruling the world in 2021, at least according to Pinterest’s trend predictions.

Getaway Car

Road trips became the most popular form of travel this year, and most people relied on their car when exploring the world—or at least their own country. According to Pinterest, cars will become the new “third space” in 2021, and we’ll put in an extra effort in making them nice and cozy.

Hypothetical Sabbatical

The fact that we couldn’t travel the world in 2020 didn’t stop us from dreaming about it. Hypothetical vacations have been on the rise and passionate travelers immersed themselves in dream getaways by researching luxury vacations, mountain travel, and forest resorts.

Nomad Normal

We’ve already seen this trend emerge in 2020, but Pinterest’s research confirmed that the nomad lifestyle is on the rise. People are using remote work as an excuse to explore the great outdoors, and trading life in the city for remote cabins and motor homes.