Prepare to See the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC in 2021

Photo by Frank Huang on Unsplash

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States and one of the most-visited cities in the country. Whenever spring comes around, it also turns into a place that hosts one of the most beautiful spectacles on Earth: the annual cherry blossoms.

Gifted in the early 20th century from Japan, the Tidal Basin of the city hosts hundreds of Japanese cherry trees that bloom in late March to early April of every year, turning the waterside area into a spectacle of pink and fluffy flowers.

Known worldwide for their beauty, this annual event gives ride to the National Cherry Blossom Festival that lasts from March 20th to April 10th annually, always coinciding with the opening of the flowers.

While the celebration will likely be watered down in terms of cultural events and stands this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, those who can make it to Washington will still be able to stroll around the city and enjoy the trees.

This is a perfect outdoor event that will allow you to see the city with a completely different appearance than it normally has, with the imposing monuments of the city serving as a backdrop to the gorgeous trees.

Be sure to keep an eye on the cherry blossom forecast in the coming weeks to see exactly when the trees are expected to spring to life, and try to make it to Washington in order to see the spectacle yourself!