Preparing To Hike In Nepal

Nepal mountains
Photo by Glorious Himalaya Trek on Unsplash

For anyone obsessed with the outdoors, hiking in Nepal has got to be one of those bucket-list goals that we all dream of achieving. The country is home to the world’s highest mountains, but there are easier trails as well, and every year many thousands flock to the country to witness the wonders of the great outdoors. Due to the country’s harsh climate and unbelievable altitudes, some preparation is definitely advised before heading off on an adventure. Read these tips so you know what to do to make this dream come true.

Start The Cardio Training

To help prepare your body for higher altitudes, and the physical challenge of hiking up steep paths and trails, it is advised to get into the routine of medium to high-intensity cardio training two to three times a week, for three months before you set off. Alongside this, try and get some strength training in too—strong legs (and a strong back) will help you up those hills.

Wear In Your Boots

Good hiking boots are an absolute must. Although higher-end versions come with higher prices, this is one investment you don’t want to skimp on. Do a couple of test hikes on home soil and check that your boots are waterproof, comfortable, and in good condition. Don’t make the mistake of buying a new pair a week before your trip without wearing them in.

Consider Going With A Guide

There are trails and routes which are possible to do without a guide, but having a local’s knowledge and guidance can really take the stress out of navigating and will ensure you have the best experience. Guides can also advise you on what to pack before you set off, saving you from carrying too much extra weight or forgetting an absolute essential. If you’re not prepared to get a guide, do check out online forums where experienced hikers will post about their knowledge and answer any questions you might have. Whilst hiking in Nepal is suitable for a wide range of abilities, it is also not something to be undertaken lightly.

If you prepare your body and your suitcase well, then hiking in Nepal can be an incredible experience. Plan in plenty of rest days, and take all the usual precautions you would when hiking anywhere, such as checking the route before you go and letting people know where you’re heading.