Where To Visit If You Want To Dive With Sharks

Swimming with sharks
Photo by Mike L on Unsplash

If there is one single holiday activity that will instantly divide people into those who would give it a go, and those who would rather do anything else, it’s diving with sharks. Various locations around the world offer this opportunity, and there are even some aquariums that have started offering the experience. Do be aware that, unless you’re cage diving, you will need to have had some previous experience scuba diving before you go diving with sharks. Here are three of the world’s top destinations which offer this thrilling experience.

Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

South Africa is renowned as one of the world’s best shark spotting destinations, as its waters are home to many species including great whites, oceanic blacktips, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and sometimes hammerheads. Located just an hour away from the city of Durban, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, you can arrange reef diving along the Aliwal Shoal, or opt for cage diving from a boat. If you choose to cage dive, you don’t need scuba skills as the cage is submerged in around two feet of water, and you just need to hold your breath and watch the sharks glide past.

Bimini Islands, Bahamas

Visit in the winter, from December to March, for a chance to spot great hammerheads either from a boat or during a dive. Other shark species found in these waters include bull sharks and nurse sharks. Located just 50 miles from Miami, it is possible to visit the islands via a three-hour-long boat ride from the American city, making this one of the most accessible shark diving locations for those in the US.

Neptune Islands, South Australia

Located 20 miles off the coast of South Australia, these islands sit within a protected marine park. Throughout the winter months, you can expect to see bull sharks in huge numbers. Over the spring and summer, it is the great white shark that rules these waters. There are many cage-diving experiences on offer, so that you can come face-to-face with these magnificent marine animals.

Diving with sharks is not your typical vacation activity, but if you’re seeking thrills and adventure, the memories will stay with you a lifetime.